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Librarians are going to grow as information engineers and specialists in the 21st century with a more specialised agenda for dissemination of knowledge. The whole world is passing through IT revolution and the technology is getting more elegant as the time passes by. If we Librarians do not join the race, we will not be able to provide necessary and sufficient information to our patrons. As the information has to reach its users, the users will strive hard to get it and unless the Librarians perform their duties, they will be replied by a new group of professionals. Manpower training in IT environment has now become a need of time to Library and Information Science Professionals. Harnessing the manpower in IT environment has now become imperative to Library and Information Science Professionals. Therefore Library professionals are compelled to update their knowledge & IT skills in advanced IT environment. The challenge to the library and information profession has to be faced by bringing a substantial change in the pattern of education and training to meet the current developments and future requirements of our libraries and information centres.

Thus, it has been the priority of the modern day information professionals to:

¨   Acquire more perspectives and new competencies.

¨   Be prepared for the complex challenges of the future.

¨   Focus on both internal and external variables that affect libraries.

¨   No one deny that this is both an exciting and challenging to be in the field of librarianship.

¨   It is also time that necessitates innovative ways of thinking about services, collections, Information access.

¨   With the ever increasing potential of technology, we are continually challenged in our efforts to create a vision for the future.

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June 30, 2018                                                                              Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh

Place: Pantnagar & Varanasi                                                 Dr. Shri Ram Pandey

Published: 2018-06-30