Library Waves - A Biannual Peer Reviewed Journal 2019-03-02T23:41:00+00:00 Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh Open Journal Systems <p><strong><span style="font-size: large;">“Library Waves”</span></strong><span style="font-size: large;"> is a biannual peer reviewed Journal of Library and Information Science discipline, issues appearing in the month of June and December every year. Presently the Journal is being published by Shri Shakti Degree College, Kanpur (UP).</span></p> <p align="justify"><span style="font-size: large;">The journal provides a platform to the professionals for discussing pertinent issues of regional, national and international importance, reporting significant developments in the discipline adding new dimensions. The research papers reporting authentic and original research work on thrust areas with deep critical analysis. The journal keeps professionals abreast of new knowledge documenting significant research and developments.</span></p> Content Analysis of Library Websites of NAAC Accredited ‘A’ Grade University in Central Zone of India 2019-01-02T12:44:07+00:00 Nilesh Kumar Shilpi Verma <p align="justify">Websites of any organization is the effective tool for dissemination of information to its user in the present scenario. The effectiveness of websites is depending on the contents available on websites. The present study is conducted to evaluate and analyze the content of Library Websites of NAAC accredited “A” grade universities in Central Zone of India. Study concludes that maximum library websites are enriching with General library information, e-resources and digital services. In this study, it is found that Vikram University Library, Ujjain website is the best library website among NAAC Accredited ‘A’ Grade University in Central zone of India.</p> 2018-12-20T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Access to Information Resources by Biomedical Scientists in India in Digital Era 2019-01-02T12:58:06+00:00 Prabhat Ranjan Surya Nath Singh <p align="justify">This research article discusses how electronic resources are replacing traditional prints, due to online presence of World Wide Web in different formats including animations and video. The present study is aimed to explore the status of prints and electronic resources in terms of searching information, reading and writing. The study was proposed at 95% confidence level and 5% confidence interval. It was found that use of electronic is not only preferred for searching (97.9% of respondents) and writing (81.1% of respondents), but for reading (55.2% of respondents) also. Most (83.6%) of the respondents opined that electronic has minimised use of print. Online resources are preferred by most (96.5%) of the users. Easy search, time save, platform to vast information, user friendly, less cost was found very positive for the electronic resources. Biomedical scientists in India need not training or orientations to access electronic resources.</p> 2019-01-02T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Research Output Analysis of Science and Technology Faculty Members of Mizoram University 2019-01-02T13:11:15+00:00 Akhandanand Shukla R. Lalengmawia <p align="justify">The study analyzed the research output of Science and Technology faculty members of Mizoram University. The survey conducted for 99 faculty members of 17 academic departments of S&amp;T belongs to 5 schools of studies under Mizoram University. The study framed to examine the socio-demographic characteristics of faculty members along with trend and growth of research output, forms of research output as well as inhibitors to faculty members on their research activities. The study concluded with suggestions to improve upon the basic infrastructures to boost up the research output of the university.</p> 2019-01-02T13:11:14+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Information Needs among Farmers 2019-02-08T04:36:40+00:00 Uaday Kumar Watti Brajesh Tiwari <p align="justify">The study aims at exploring the extent of agriculture information needs among farmers in the Chhattisgarh state. Chhattisgarh state having 27 districts and out of 9 districts, 400 farmers were select for the study. Chhattisgarh state was purposively selected for study. Simple random sampling technique was used to select sample from population. Findings shows that majority of respondents (56.00%) were small farmers with having land holdings between 2.51 to 5 acres and majority of the respondents were assigned 1st rank to diseases related information need, followed by 2nd rank to improved seeds, 3rd rank to pesticides, 4th rank to fertilizers, 5th rank to government schemes. It was noted that the most of the respondents obtained information from their friends, neighbours and relatives. The result found that the most number of respondents believed that whatever information provided by the kisan mitra, progressive farmers and friend are very credible.</p> 2019-02-08T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Joomla as an Alternate System of Institutional Repository in Visva-Bharati University 2019-02-21T07:55:01+00:00 Ajay Kumar Sharma <p align="justify">In the paperless society, the reorganization of an institutional repository (IR) has been increasing tremendously which now became an essential infrastructure of intellectual communication. (Jain, Bentley, &amp; Oladiran) An IR is a collection of digitized documents consisting of accessible collections of scholarly publications that represent the intellectual assets of an institution. It is a system for academic institutions to manage the digitized documents their communities produce, maximize access to research outputs both preprint and postprint publications and also to increase the visibility and academic prestige of both the institution and authors. This paper will draw the attentions of library administrators about an alternate (except different repositories software likewise DSpace, Eprints, Greenstone, etc) way to manage the Institutional Repository for the University / Institute.</p> 2019-02-21T07:55:01+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Skills and Efficiencies among the Library Professionals of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi 2019-03-02T23:41:00+00:00 M. P. Singh Nutan Gaud <p>The present study finds out the skills and efficiencies among the library professionals of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). The survey method was suitable for collecting the data. A total of 42 structured questionnaires were distributed among the library professionals and total 39 questionnaires were received by the respondents. After the analysis of the questionnaires, it was found that a large number of professional’s competency level is high and the maximum number of respondents had an advanced level of all the technical skills while a large number of library professionals were highly competent with managerial skills. The highest 74.36% of library professionals are satisfied with their current position and 69.23% of respondents were satisfied with assignee their duties as per his/her area of interest while 48.72% of library professionals were getting leave when they are going to attend any training program. The maximum 64.1% of respondents are satisfied with their salary.</p> 2019-02-27T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##