Bibliometric Study of Publications of CALIBER Convention 2008

  • Oliver Lalthlengliana
  • Akhandanand Shukla
Keywords: Bibliometric Study, Authorship Pattern, Degree of Collaboration, CALIBER Convention, Geographical Distribution, Forms of Documents


Paper discusses the bibliometric aspects of publications of CALIBER convention 2008 held at Allahabad. Paper covers 76 articles published in the proceedings of CALIBER 2008. The study comprises to evaluate the themes and sub-themes of the conference, authorship pattern, degree of collaboration, state-wise and country-wise geographical distribution of papers, average references per paper, bibliographic forms of documents used in references and top cited LIS journals. The study found multiple authorship patterns with the good degree of collaboration, Uttar Pradesh as the highest paper contributing state and India as the highest contributing country, more than 10 references per article, Journal papers as the prevalent form of documents, and Library Hi-Tech News as the top cited journal of the field.

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